Penetrant Testing


Penetrant testing (PT) is very useful when verifying the surface of a non-porous material. This method is also a valuable asset for non-magnetic parts that cannot be inspected by magnetic particles.


The principle of penetrant inspection is relatively simple. First, the surface of the piece must be cleaned. A layer of liquid penetrant is then applied on the surfaces to be inspected. The penetrant is a colored liquid that easily imbeds itself in cavities such as cracks. Once the product is applied, the inspector gently cleans the surface. At this point, the surface looks clean. Then comes the developer, a product that is applied to the surface and absorbs the penetrant remaining in the cavities of the material. These colored penetrant remains then rise to the surface and highlight the defects of the piece that would have been sometimes very difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.


Our inspectors are certified by the CAN/CGSB 48.9712 to perform these tests.



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