Welding Inspection

éGéni-Métal is a certified inspection organization whose qualified team can perform many different types of inspection. 


Visual Inspection

The most common method of inspection, visual inspection, is omnipresent in all types of examinations. During inspections, our inspectors ensure that welds are free from defects in accordance with applicable standards. They also verify that the dimensions of the welds match the reference drawings.

Magnetic Particles Testing

Magnetic particles testing (MT) is very widespread in the world of welding. It is simple, fast and inexpensive to perform and it makes it easy to detect surface defects (or very shallow ones). This method of inspection applies to any type of metallic or weldable surface, except non-ferromagnetic metals such as aluminum and certain stainless-steel grades.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing (UT) has become essential in many projects. It allows the inspector to verify the interior of the parts by detecting defects not visible from the surface. Its main use is in the inspection of full-penetration welds, measurements of material thicknesses of all kinds, control of parts such as shafts or pins and more.

Penetrant Testing

Penetrant testing (PT) is very useful when verifying the surface of a non-porous material. This method is also a valuable asset for non-magnetic parts that cannot be inspected by magnetic particles.


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